Delphic: Collections

561716_10151126512025872_1834525031_nThis week I decided to listen to something that would keep me awake, something lively, fun, and easy on the brain. Delphic’s latest release, Collections, served as that avenue to my satisfaction, or at least it seemed to at the time. This is the trio’s second album release since Acolyte in 2009, and it feels as though they’re really starting to settle into their own sound. Throughout my sampling I could pick out little things from each song that reminded me of other artists that I once binged on as a teenager, and I would now use those references to my advantage…

I initially decided to start in reverse and I was intrigued by the vocal percussion at the beginning of ‘Exotic’, which sounded to me exactly like a sped up version of the beat from Michael Jackson’s ‘Stranger in Moscow’. Although this was my least favorite track of the album, I realized the band’s potential and started the record from the beginning. The first song came on strong with great percussive tracks amid triumphant chords, which at times sounded like the same ones used in The Rolling Stones‘, ‘Gimme Shelter’, however omitting the resolving chord at the end of the progression. Every now and then the stand-out vocals remind me a lot of Jeff Thomas from Duran Duran, and work very well with this electronic rock vibe.

This album has great production value, with crisp drums, vintage synth sounds, and sweet vocals capable of sometimes getting on my nerves with their poppy attitude. But really, there were only three songs that I would listen to over again, and one of them was ‘Memeo’, a fun tune with nice chords and very rich instrumentation that felt very danceable. Actually, I may amend that previous statement because there was another track ‘Tears Before Bedtime’(somewhat experimental), with female dialogue that I also rather liked. I have a feeling this was just chucked into the mix to give the album some diversity in style, but I liked it more than many of the other tracks. My major con with this album is that I’m always annoyed by midi instruments that try to mimic real acoustic ones such as horns or strings. Next to that, the vocals can be very poppy, making me question how cool I actually feel while listening to this band. That being said, the singing on tracks like ‘Baiya’ are very spirited and moving, especially toward the end of the song where I can almost hear the soul of Jeff Buckley crying out.

All the same, I’m not too disappointed with Collections because I found a few good songs, and learned a couple of things about composition… 6.8/10

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