Gold Panda: Trust EP

GoldPandaTrust_Sleeve3mmI found Gold Panda’s new Trust EP to be a very short, well rounded collection of experimental songs. It starts off with a great intro: Two sweet chords switching back and forth amid a distorted haze dressed with motion picture samples. Then we get to ‘Trust’, putting you in hip, bobbing trance fashioned from soothing arrhythmic loops and textures overtop a steady bass beat and the fast eighth-note percussion. It’s a very chilled piece, and though it may have the passing appearance of any static, minimal techno song, this track has movement. It takes you on a tour through the many rooms that comprise a Kubrick-esque setting, a place furnished with an elegant feng shui, twisting classy style with abstract and eye-popping adornments that barely stay unnoticed in the background.

I had been waiting in a cozy chair for what felt like many hours before I popped my headphones in, and I remember feeling very sleepy by the time the third track rolled around. It was a relaxing tune that pushed me over the edge and into that subconscious realm, if only for a brief moment before my phone rang to tell me it was time to move. I continued listening on the dark sidewalks of Chicago, enjoying the last bit of ‘Casyam_59#02’ and though it was my least favorite of the EP, there’s no reason why any lover of electronica music wouldn’t find it agreeable.

Clocking in at a second shy of 17 minutes, Trust is nice walk around the neighborhood. If anything, it’s comfort music, worthy of any modern iTunes library. Check it out. Let it rip…8/10

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