Young Dreams: Between Places

young-dreams-between-placesTake a moment to imagine the joyful energy of any classic Beach Boys track blended with the innovative characteristics of old Animal Collective songs, maybe a dash of fusion jazz and whatever else you can find, and what you’ve got is Young Dreams. Their debut album, Between Places, is a great way to kick off the spring season; it’s a fun, crazy, beautiful, disorienting, and imaginative auditory experience.

I’ll admit, after the first track, I had to hear another. Throughout the album you’ve got those great Brian Wilson vox-harmony vocals in tracks like ‘When Kisses Are Salty’, a kick-ass rhythm section that makes you want to dance, and some great synths that keep the mood electrified. Though it’s a personal challenge for me to look past certain synthetic-acoustic instruments (the fake flutes and horns in tracks like ‘Wounded Hearts Forever’, are very unsettling to me), there is so much that is genuine about this music that I find to be completely satisfying and capable of redeeming any unusual aesthetic created by this band. Even still, that has to be my one qualm with Between Placesseven minutes into the album’s epic 11-minute track, ‘The Girl That Taught Me To Drink And Fight’, it starts to feel like it’s drawing closer to a bad 80’s movie score, yet very distant. In my opinion, if you’re going to use a fake instrument, be really up-front about it- don’t try to stick wax celebrities in your crowd of friends.

To put it lightly, this is some very creative songwriting, and there are some very amazing scenes throughout which are made even more enjoyable by the high-quality editing and mixing. These tracks are all mid-sized contenders at the least, with the shortest song, ‘Dream Alone, Wake Together’, clocking-in at just under four minutes—so don’t expect a quick sampling when you’re trying this band out. Still, definitely check out Between Places, especially if you’re into experimentalism. This is all very happy music, bouncy and charged with that youthful spark. You won’t find any melancholy escape tunes here, no lonely anthems to cling to, just a good time in a strange place…9.1/10

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