Scene: Earth Woman

Very proud to have provided the original score for Alexandra Dietz latest project, Your Way Back to Me, which premiers this Sunday.

Video: Ed’s Last Ride

I am incredibly honored once again to have provided the soundtrack for one of Elliot Blumberg’s videos. He’s an incredible videographer and storyteller, and his latest piece is a prime example of his moving talent. Here’s Ed’s Last Ride with music from Bike Ride.


Animation: Blue Habits Campaign

I had the privilege to work with Innovage Studios to score an animation for the Blue Habits Campaign, a behavioral study performed in collaboration by Stanford University and Oceanic Society.

Blue Habits are small acts of consciousness that promote a healthier planet, something as simple as bringing your own shopping bags to the grocery store, or abstaining from single-use plastics. Today, more than any other time in humanity’s brief history on the planet, we need to show more respect for our natural Earth, and do more to preserve it for future generations of all species.

I’m really excited to have been involved in the production of an animation, and I hope I get to do more work with animation in the future. Big thanks to Alex Yamamoto for being such a flexible and understanding collaborator.

Video: Futura Downs High

Futura Downs High is an audio-video production meant to inspire
dialogue about one of the most difficult, wonderful, confusing time in
a person’s life: high school. Guests weave through six sets,
eavesdropping on each of the six characters’ private thoughts.

Music from Portraits EP.

Premiere @ The Loft, Culpeper, VA
Friday, May 6 – Sunday, May 8