Documentary: I Will Go Back Tonight

This year I had the privilege of scoring Kara Frame’s short documentary, I Will Go Back Tonight, a moving piece which investigates the lives of six veterans living with post traumatic stress disorder, “a natural reaction to an unnatural situation.” This short documentary is as intimate as it is visceral, delving into the darkness and tragedy of war as it lingers on, pervading the lives of those involved and their loved ones. I urge you to watch and listen to the stories of these men and women, and to give thanks for their continued service to the people of the United States of America.


Documentary: Armila

The people of Guna Yala are strong, beautiful, nurturing, amicable, and tuned to the songs of life by the sea. Having lived in Guna Yala myself several years ago I had a very close connection with this documentary which was masterfully shot and edited by Elliot Blumberg, and I was honored to provide the score.

“Armila is a 600-person village in the indigenous Guna Yala region of Panama. Regional pride is ubiquitous, but as Western customs, technologies and ideals are adopted by the people, parts of their culture erode under economic and technological pressures. No one opposes access to vaccines, electricity or more durable building materials, but exposure to mass media, plastic and the almighty dollar has forever changed the ancient culture in just a few short decades.

This film explores the tension points between indigenous and Western culture in this community – it juxtaposes the dualities that exist in the village and measures the impact of their collision on Guna society and the surrounding environment.”

Documentary: He’s a Fighter

He’s A Fighter, the story of Antoine “Action” Douglas, was just awarded finalist by 58th Cine Golden Eagle Awards. Check out all the other finalists, and watch He’s A Fighter, directed by Oliver Conteras, produced by Susan Hale Thomas, and written by Caroline Lacey and Elliot Blumberg! Big thanks to these four for including me in this project.

Here’s some of the other awards we’ve received:

-1st. Place. Team multimedia. Northern Short Course in Photojournalism. NPPA 2014.
-Outstanding Local Film, DC Short Festival.
-1st. Place. Multimedia/Video PND EDU. Student Photo Contest 2015
-Official Selection 2014, Langston Hughes African American Film Festival
-Official Selection Charlotte Black Film Festival

Single: Dutra Mk2

My new single is available for streaming on Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes. Dutra Mk2 is a remix of its former version which was written in May 2012. It is structurally identical in order to synchronize with a scene from Katsuhiro Otomo’s anime masterpiece, Akira. Featuring Mike Walker on rhythm guitar. Mastered by Justin Sunday. Cover artwork made in collaboration with Morrison Mast (photo) and Zachary Klaus (graphic design).

Series: Heptagon

As much as I love working with fellow musicians, collaborating with super talented graphic designers like Victor Madrid is a ton of fun. This is something we did last month together. We’re currently working on another series to follow this one.

HP Horizontal Final

“Heptagon (landscape)”

HP Vertical Final

“Heptagon (portrait)”

Series: Options + Nature’s Neighbor Spring Tour 2015

On April 16 I had the pleasure of embarking on journey from Chicago to the east coast to play eight shows as part of Nature’s Neighbor with Mike Walker. We played alongside Seth Engel (Options) who performed his solo-acoustic set with us every night. In all, it was an incredible and unforgettable experience. Prior to the tour’s commencement I had created a series of eight 5×7 paintings (mixed media on wood) to be sold or left behind at each of the venues that we played at. The paintings were all titled, signed, and dated following every performance. Our tour ended on April 23 and I was pleased to have left each piece with the proprietor of the establishment. I have listed them below with their titles and venues.

Scatman's Scatted Ashes

“Scatman’s Scatted Ashes” (Kiki’s – Cincinnati, OH)

Belt Buckle Bottle Opener

“Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener” (Spider House – Pittsburgh, PA)

Return to Astro Lounge

“Return to Astro Lounge” (Girard Hall – Philadelphia, PA)

Coco Lovin

“Coco Lovin'” (Bohemian Grove – Brooklyn, NY)

And Then The Lady Talk To Me

“And Then The Lady Talk To Me!” (Skinny Boy Mansion – Athens, OH)

The Beau Caravan

“The Beau Caravan” (Stone Tavern – Kent, OH)

Alligator to the Moon

“Alligator to the Moon” (The Emporium – South Bend, IN)

Peace is Chill...

“Peace is Chill…” (Gnarnia – Chicago, IL)

Album: Space Between Stuff

My new 10-track album, Space Between Stuff is up on iTunes and Bandcamp now. Featuring the talents of Perry Cowdery, Jed Lingat, Radhika Bhatt, Ryan Selove, Roderic Mast (who also photographed the bear), Mike Walker, and Brandon Studer. Mastered by Justin Sunday. Cover designed in collaboration with Zachary Klaus. Thank you all for your help in putting this together.