Album: Pidji

It’s been a long time coming for this one. I’m very excited to announce the release of the latest Nature’s Neighbor album, Pidji. Big thanks to Mike Walker for featuring me on a few of the songs. Looking forward to future collaborations with this group.


Stream Pidji now on bandcamp and get the cassette from Sooper Records!


Album: Space Between Stuff

My new 10-track album, Space Between Stuff is up on iTunes and Bandcamp now. Featuring the talents of Perry Cowdery, Jed Lingat, Radhika Bhatt, Ryan Selove, Roderic Mast (who also photographed the bear), Mike Walker, and Brandon Studer. Mastered by Justin Sunday. Cover designed in collaboration with Zachary Klaus. Thank you all for your help in putting this together.


Album: Bike Ride

On this day 54 years ago a very special girl was born. She grew up to be one of the most beautiful humans to have graced the earth, and the best mother any son could ever wish for. I am grateful each day for her blessings and the love that she has spread through this world, lighting it up wherever she is. In her honor I have released my latest album, Bike Ride, which is now available for download on iTunes and other digital distributors. The album was mastered by Justin Sunday and features the talents of Radhika Bhatt (vocals, trumpet), Ryan Selove (guitar), Jed Lingat (bass), Brandon Studer (guitar), Mike Walker (vocals, guitar), Perry Cowdery (guitar), Jack Willson (saxophone), and Morrison Mast (percussion). This music would not have been possible without their talent and support.

Following the release of 肖像画 I wanted to create something that contrasted the somewhat subdued tones of the EP and had a more fluid track listing. By featuring the voices of my friends from both the suburbs and the city I tried capturing the joy of this summer and the nostalgia I sometimes feel while living in Chicago.


Cover created in collaboration with Morrison Mast (photo) and Zachary Klaus (graphic design)