Single: Dutra Mk2

My new single is available for streaming on Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes. Dutra Mk2 is a remix of its former version which was written in May 2012. It is structurally identical in order to synchronize with a scene from Katsuhiro Otomo’s anime masterpiece, Akira. Featuring Mike Walker on rhythm guitar. Mastered by Justin Sunday. Cover artwork made in collaboration with Morrison Mast (photo) and Zachary Klaus (graphic design).


Single: What Next

Besides spending time with family and eating until I passed out, I celebrated Thanksgiving by releasing a new song on iTunes and other distributors. You can listen to a full stream on my Bandcamp page as well. Inspired by the idea of being in my 20’s, ‘What Next’ is about moving forward in the pursuit of adventure through a world of uncertainty.


Music mastered by Justin Sunday

Artwork created in collaboration with Nagi Nakayama (photo) and Zachary Klaus (graphic design)